Hugh Bonneville compares his character in the new thriller to serial killer Ted Bundy

Hugh Bonneville compares his character in the new thriller to serial killer Ted Bundy

Hugh Bonneville compares his character in the new thriller to serial killer Ted Bundy

Hugh Bonneville has compared his character in the upcoming Netflix thriller I Came By to American serial killer Ted Bundy.

The 58-year-old actor, best known for his role in the period drama Downton Abbey, plays former High Court judge Sir Hector Blake in the new film.

Speaking to the PA news agency about his character, Bonneville said: “There’s that phrase, the banality of evil, and this guy is not a particularly nice man, and he has some pretty questionable attitudes about life and people.

“But I think if you look at people in recent history like Ted Bundy and characters like him… totally rational, seemingly smart, seemingly empathetic, but actually really quite dangerous, and I think it’s just the normality of these people that makes them a little more relaxing.”

Bonneville stars alongside George MacKay and Kelly Macdonald in the terrifying thriller, which will be released on Netflix on August 31.

The film follows young graffiti artist Toby, played by MacKay (30), who targets the homes of London’s wealthy elite in an attempt to denounce the rich and powerful.

After breaking into Sir Hector’s home, Toby discovers a shocking secret that takes him on a dangerous journey.

Reflecting on the potential messages conveyed by the film’s director, Bafta-winning filmmaker Babak Anvari, Bonneville said: “I think all messages, so to speak, about our society, the haves and the have-nots, are up to audience to interpret.

“But I think what it does, and I think this is what Babak is brilliant at, is create a completely compelling world of London that you haven’t seen on screen like this before.

I Came By special screening – London

Kelly McDonald and Hugh Bonneville star in upcoming thriller I Came By (Ian West/PA)

“It’s not red London buses, but it’s a cross-cultural world that he’s created and you think all the way through that all the pieces fit together… To have gone from the establishment figures like my character to those who live on the street level, so to speak , and are frustrated with the way the system works and this is their protest.

“So I think he really etched an amazing story on that canvas.”

Scottish actress Macdonald (46), who is known for a variety of roles including Line Of Duty, Trainspotting and Boardwalk Empire, plays Toby’s mother Lizzie in I Came By.

She told PA about building a relationship with MacKay before playing his on-screen mother, saying: “George is lovely, I think he’s married to a Scotsman and he was actually in Glasgow before we started shooting.

“So we agreed to have a bite to eat and he’s just really nice company.

“Actually in the movie I had a lot less to do with him than I first thought because I’m looking for him most of the time!”

Despite playing Lizzie who works as a counsellor, Macdonald explained how her previous experience in detective roles helped her in I Came By.

“I’ve played a detective a bunch of times,” she said.

“And it was almost like I was going to be a detective again because (Lizzie) is starting to do the job that she thinks the police should be doing on their own.”

I Came By will be released on Netflix on August 31.

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